Massages for Your Mental Health

You know your massage experience helps your body feel better. Your massage therapist helps you reduce soreness and fatigue, and over time, regular sessions leave you feeling stronger, fresher, and more relaxed. In addition, you feel more energy and can give moreto your work and your home life.

The most obvious benefits of massage therapy may be physical, but you should not ignore the psychological benefits you can achieve. Indeed, research has tied mental health improvements to regular treatment. Over time, your Albuquerque massage therapy sessions can bring you not only a stronger body, but a stronger mind as well.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Stress represents one of the greatest risks to our health and general well-being. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid it entirely. Every day brings both new sources of stress and recurrences that allow it to accumulate, to build up over time and overwhelm us. The breaking point differs for each of us, but if we allow stress to grow unabated, it can interfere with our lives in ways both physical and emotional.

One of the potential problems stress creates is anxiety. Millions of people in the United States suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. These can manifest themselves in irritability, sleeplessness, lack of focus, and muscle tension, among other symptoms. While everyone experiences anxiety about life issues from time to time, a disorder can create an almost debilitating experience.

Massage does not provide a cure for an anxiety disorder, but research has shown that it can greatly relieve some of the symptoms. It can relieve the headaches and muscle pain that comes with stress and anxiety. It lowers your heart rate and blood pressure while increasing your endorphin levels. At Versatile Vitality, we deliver your Albuquerque massage experience with a safe, quiet environment that brings you freedom from the worries of your day or week. We approach massage not as just source of physical relaxation, but a holistic treatment that can help both mind and body. Our massage treatment helps you relax and calm your mind through our focused approach to you. We target a style of massage and an approach to your treatment based on your needs, and in doing so help lower your anxiety levels both while and after we work with you.

Help with Symptoms of Depression

Depression affects as many as one out of every ten Americans. While anxiety can create significant hindrances to your wellbeing, depression does so in different ways. You feel tired most of the time but cannot sleep. Your productivity wanes at work and at home. It sometimes brings irritability and restlessness, which can be confusing and frustrating in the midst of an overall listlessness. Your appetite might fluctuate wildly, and you find your interest in day to day activities wanes. You ache physically and emotionally, and you sometimes might find even getting out of bed in the morning to be a daunting challenge.

Depression is serious, and finding effective treatment can be difficult. Still, massage has been shown to alleviate some of the symptoms you experience. Part of this comes from immersing yourself in the moment. Depression feeds off of the vast array of distractions and duties you see every day, a set of demands that becomes overwhelming. We give you an Albuquerque massage experience that allows you to free yourself from the confines of everything with which you surround yourself every day. We free up endorphins that have been locked in your body, clenched in tightness inside your body. We do more than help you feel better; we treat you in a way that shows you how much you deserve to feel better. We give you relief from some of the aches and pains that accompany depression, and in doing so help loosen the grip in which it holds you.

An Ounce of Prevention

Man Having Massage In Spa

Mental health issues don’t arise overnight. They enter quietly, insidiously, and they build over time. All too often, they are almost impossible to see until they have grown into a monolithic presence in your life, something that seems too big to fight. Massage can help with this, as part of a multifaceted effort to break down the burden of these diseases. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or the crushing weight of stress, we can give you some space and attention that will lift some of it off of your shoulders.

Of course, as with most potential health concerns, the more you can do for yourself before you get to that point, the better. Establishing a great Albuquerque massage therapy plan should be part of the lift that can bring you back to where you need to be. But as the traditional saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Massage therapy provides incredible benefits when you are feeling at your worst, but it can be even more effective as a regular therapy that keeps you going strong.

One way to think about the difference is to consider a path on the side of a mountain. You can certainly climb the face of the mountain to reach the path, but it involves intense effort and time. You find your body straining more with every foot you ascend to try to reach the path. On the other hand, walking the path the entire way provides a slower, steadier route to the same place. When you don’t let yourself start at the foot of the mountain, you make an already formidable task much more manageable. You can work your way up without choosing the hardest route.

At Versatile Vitality, we pride ourselves on providing the best Albuquerque massage therapy you will find. Our training and skill help us do so, but more than that, we listen and learn as much as we can about you. When you come to us, we take the time to understand who you are and what you need, and then apply that understanding to your treatment. Contact Versatile Vitality today, and we will get your mind and your body right.

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