Benefits of Sports Massage

With the Olympics upon us, many people find inspiration for their own athletic endeavors. You might already compete at some level, or you may be joining a local group for a new activity, or you may be looking around and rekindling a desire to get back into the shape you remember you once were. Whatever your motivation, strengthening your drive to exercise more regularly or more effectively can yield tremendous benefits for you, both in the present and as you move toward a healthier future.

When you do start pushing yourself, though, you need to make sure you take care of your body along the way. Sports injuries come all the time, from the powerful Olympic-level athletes to the eager beginner. To help prevent them, be sure to schedule rest days, stretch carefully, and look for other ways to improve your body’s performance and recovery time. A Sports Massage regimen can help you with all of this, and can give you an extra boost in your efforts.

Your Cardiovascular System

Athletes of all ability levels depend on a healthy cardiovascular system to deliver blood and oxygen effectively through their bodies. When you exercise, your heart rate naturally increases, to push nutrients through your body more quickly and effectively. This is all part of the beautiful design with which we function; your body’s ability to react to new conditions and give you the support you need is critical to the comfort and effectiveness of your exercise routine.Still, if your blood vessels are not open, it forces the heart to work that much harder to keep up.This can result in a faster than healthy heart rate, and can leave you deprived of oxygen and the nutrients you need to keep going. Often, the fatigue you feel after a strenuous workout comes in part from your body’s inability to keep up with the essential delivery of nutrients that your blood provides.

One important benefit that massage provides is to help open up your blood vessels, creating an easier path for the circulatory system to do its job. The treatment that a sports massage gives lets your blood flow more freely to your muscles and your brain, helping you perform harder for longer. Regular treatment can accentuate all of this and help you perform better in myriad ways.

Muscle Recovery

One of the most obvious sources of relief a sports massage can provide stems from the direct impact on your muscles. But that impact comes from a few different sources. One is the vigorous attention to the muscle fibers themselves. The massage works into the muscle fibers to stretch and loosen them. You become more flexible, and freer muscles move better and recover faster. Regular sports massage treatment gives you a boost because it keeps those muscles pliable, ready to bounce back from increasingly strenuous workouts.

Sports Massage theropy

An ancillary boost, though, comes from the breaking down of scar tissue in your muscles. Deep tissue massage forms part of the treatment you can often expect from this kind of therapy. The technique slowly, methodically works into muscles, and often it finds old injuries that have not fully healed for you. It can be intense, and often leaves you feeling as sore as you do after a hard workout. But over the course of regular treatments, it will leave your muscles feeling looser, fresher, and healthier than you can remember them ever feeling.

Finally, the process of a sports massage invigorates your body by increasing blood flow and oxygenation of those muscles. The cardiovascular boost means you get more of what you need to the places that need it most. If your workouts leave your muscles starved for nutrients, they are never going to start feeling better. Sports Massage Therapy harmonizes your body’s functions in ways that allow you to push harder and still recover faster.

Relaxation and Your Outlook

Finally, while the immediate impact of sports massage on your body may be physical, there are mental and emotional benefits that yield results just as effectively. Physical and emotional stress affect you in very similar ways. You increase production of cortisol, and your muscles naturally tighten up over time. Your posture may curl up, and the result is generally an inability to perform at your best. In addition, stress that you do not release over time makes it harder to focus; your breathing goes awry, and your ability to push through physical discomfort is compromised.

The sports massage helps you break through this. Part of the relief comes from the intensity of the techniques. You feel the pressure and the movement, and pull your focus inward during the massage session. More than this, though, the treatment helps break down the cortisol in your body and push it out, giving a physiological treatment with a psychological benefit. As your body adjusts and responds, the result can be quite invigorating for you.

Finally, the treatment gives you a boost by letting you take some time specifically for you. Your job, your home life, and even your exercise tends to focus largely on other people. Working out with friends or family, or competing on high levels, still pushes you to perform for others. The sports massage, though, takes you away from all of that and gives you the ability to let down your guard. The effect cannot help but be relaxing. When you let go of everything else, even for just an hour of treatment, it provides relief that leaves you ready to return, both to your life and to your workouts.

Sports massage therapy gives a boost to far more than the athletes performing in Brazil, or the professionals you watch throughout the year. Your body can handle much of what you throw at it, but the more you do to bolster its recovery processes, the better you will perform and feel when you exercise. If you are ready to take your athletic endeavors to the next level, contact Versatile Vitality today to Schedule An Appointment.

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