Benefit From Regular Massage Therapy

How to benefit from regular massage therapy

Working with a Massage Therapist can help you feel better almost immediately: your aches fade away, your mind relaxes, and your stress dissipates. But massage need not be an isolated moment of relief lost in a life of stress. Clients who attend regular sessions achieve compounding benefits that last longer and create a better sense of overall well-being than they can find through individual sessions alone. Scheduling regular massage therapy will help you feel better and make the rest of your life a little easier.


Massage Therapy Benefit - Pain Relief

We all know a massage can be great for helping with pain and discomfort. Whether you need a traditional Swedish massage, reflexology treatment, or deep tissue work, you come out with your muscles feeling less sore and your joints feeling more aligned. You walk a little straighter and re-enter the world ready to face it head on.

Still, life continues after you get a massage. Your body goes through the stress of the days and weeks that follow, and you find that your aches and pains don’t stay away forever. The single massage feels like magic, but in reality, that magic fades.

Putting massage therapy sessions in over time will help keep that magic going for you. Your body craves the comfort and recovery this service brings, and scheduling once every few weeks will help give you the pain relief you need.


Massage Therapy Benefit - Stress Relief

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If only physical pain were the worst thing we went through! Whether your stress comes from work, home, or community, everyone has to deal with it. You feel headaches, backaches, and a general tension that builds over time. Letting stress build up unchecked leads to a shorter temper, cloudier thinking, and a vague uneasiness that can be hard to pin down and even harder to escape.

Massage helps with all of this. I go to the source of the physical manifestations and methodically work through it, helping you start to relax. The process has immediate benefits for you: your heart rate slows, and your body burns through less oxygen. In a safe, comfortable environment, you will immediately start to feel relief arrive.

To get the long-term benefit of the experience, you need to come back! Unless you have the benefit of a life of leisure in paradise, stress doesn’t stop creeping into your life. By building sessions into your life routine, you will achieve two huge benefits from a stress perspective. First, the immediate impact of each massage cuts off the buildup of stress over time, to keep that burden from growing for weeks and weeks without end. Second, from a psychological perspective, you will know the next one is coming. That gives you something to look forward to, and helps with peace of mind while you are waiting. And if you can help calm your mind both on and off of the massage table, that is a huge benefit for you!


Massage Therapy Benefit - Overall Health Improvement

People tend to think of massage for relief first, and it certainly provides that. But massage doesn’t only help with spikes in pain and stress. Getting a massage on a regular basis provides many health benefits. It improves circulation and blood flow, and can counteract excessive time sitting if you have a desk job. It boosts your white blood cell count, giving you better immunity against viruses that may be running through your home or workplace. It even helps strengthen your muscles over time.

Everyone knows that a car needs regular maintenance to continue working at its best for as long as possible. You add fuel, you change the oil, you check the air filter, and you rotate the tires. If you put all of this effort into maintaining the health of your car, doesn’t it make sense to focus time on maintaining your own health as well? Scheduling regular massage therapy sessions accomplishes exactly this. Feeling better after one session is great, but feeling better for the long haul is even better.


We Offer Regular Massage Therapy at Versatile Vitality

Sometimes scheduling multiple sessions over time can be challenging. Life gets in the way, or work travel schedules make getting to each session seem impossible. Fortunately, Versatile Vitality is here for you. I will gladly travel to you to help you find the relief you need. And with the Executive Travel Assistant services, I will even travel with you to not only help you keep up with your massage schedule, but take care of your other travel and scheduling needs as well.

Simply put, there is no reason you can’t build a massage routine into your life, and there is every reason you should plan to do so. Too often we get caught up in what we need to do for everyone else. We take care of work, and our families, and our friends, and fail to think of our own needs until something starts hurting too much to avoid it. Working with a skilled masseuse over time will help keep you going, so you can not only continue to take care of the people who matter most to you, but feel better while you do. Stop putting off what your body needs, and start building regular massage therapy into your life.

Call Versatile Vitality to schedule your massage therapy session - (303) 668-9267. You can then begin to enjoy the benefit from regular massage therapy.

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