Versatile Vitality’s Grand Opening

Albuquerque Massage Therapy - Versatile Vitality’s Grand Opening

On Saturday, February 6, Versatile Vitality will be celebrating its grand opening with an event in our studios. Our goal is to bring in those who already enjoy our services, to introduce our future customers to us, and to come together with the community we love to celebrate our place within it. This will be a great time for you to meet us, and to enjoy a fun afternoon with friends.

The event will take place from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. We will be bringing in several local businesses to help us out and join in the festivities. Take some time to check out the event link on our Facebook page (click here), and make plans now to join us.


Get to Know Us

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At Versatile Vitality, our top priority is helping you feel better, and our grand opening event provides a great opportunity for you to explore some of those with us. It is your chance to ask questions about what we do and why, and to explore some of the ways that we can help you reach a better place for yourself.
That better place lies at the end of a different path for everyone, so we don’t rely on one kind of treatment. We are trained and certified in several styles of massage, including:

• Swedish massage
• deep tissue massage
• reflexology therapy
• hot stone treatment
• Thai massage
• Shiatsu massage

Our goal is not to push a particular kind of massage therapy on you. Rather, we work with you to identify your needs and guide you to the therapy that will help you achieve the comfort and the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing you deserve.

In addition to our massage therapy offerings, we are also trained in the practice of Ashtanga yoga and yoga nidra. We offer these both on their own and as a complement to massage therapy. Each of these makes sense for different people and different bodies and fitness levels, and within each, achieving the best results requires some personalization. Come talk to us, and we will help you identify the best approach for you.

To take our personalization even further, you can ask us about our executive travel assistant services. This unique service means we will travel with you, and help with scheduling, laundry, massage services, and whatever else you need so that you can focus on your business. Massage and yoga practices both work against the stress you have in your lives, so this is one more way we can fight that stress off and help you get the most from your therapy with us.

Our grand opening will give you a chance to learn more about all of these services. Three hours may not be enough to learn everything, but it will give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about what we can do to make your life better.


Getting to Know You

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Getting to know each other works both ways. We want you to come out not only so you can see what we are all about, but also for us to get a chance to know you. No responsible massage therapist is going to just guess at what his or her clients need. While we get information from you at the beginning of every session, this is our chance to get to know you in a more social, fun setting. We want to talk to you about who you are and what you do, and how those things affect the ways we can provide the best service possible.

Besides letting us serve you better, this also gives us a chance to connect to you on a more personal level. We love what we do, but that comes in large part from loving the people we help on a daily basis. It makes us feel good to meet people as people, to talk to you and laugh and eat and drink with you. We want to know you, and to give you a chance to be comfortable with us. Not only will it help us all have a great afternoon, but it will help everyone feel better about working together to help you meet your physical and spiritual goals.


Participating Businesses

We want Versatile Vitality to grow and build on its success; otherwise, we would not be in business in the first place! Still, to us, success means more than making money. We want to grow not only in the community, but with it. Every person, and every small business, is a part of who we are, and part of why we are here. When we all come together, good things happen.

With this in mind, we are bringing in some of the other terrific small businesses in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area. They will be here to celebrate with us and provide food and beverages to make the afternoon more enjoyable for everyone. Our partners at the event include:
• Rio Bravo Brewing
• El Pinto Restaurant
• Squeezed Juice Bar
• Santa Fe Olive Oil and Balsamic Co.
• Yes Organics Boutique and Spa
• Platinum Abq
• Green Joe Coffee Truck

In addition, we will feature at the grand opening a mural, which is a collaboration between Reyes Padilla and Natalie Voelker. This will help add more local flavor to what should be a fantastic afternoon.

We believe that when a community comes together, great things happen—for our business, for other small businesses, and for everyone who lives hear and can benefit from the services we and our fellow business owners provide. All too often, we think of a business opening in cold, calculated terms: spreadsheets and bottom lines, bill payments and profit margins. Those things certainly matter to all of us, but that isn’t what Versatile Vitality is all about. We are here to help those in our community improve their bodies and minds, and that starts with you. Come to our grand opening event this Saturday, and help us celebrate our official kick-off in the community we love!

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