Table Heights, Ancient Roots and Massage Therapy Later in Life

If you stop and think about it for a minute, it’s really not fair that massage therapy is called an alternative treatment for pain relief at all. Consider the reaction of someone who bangs their knee and rubs the sore spot right away. How about the toddler who bumps into a wall and then quickly rubs his forehead with the heel of his hand to see if there is a bump?

If you stop and think about these examples for a minute, you’ll see that Albuquerque massage therapy has its roots in the natural reaction we all have to rub a sore spot. The industry is always growing and taking a moment to look over a few vital statistics will give you a better idea of the people that are choosing this time-honoured technique as a profession.

Stats: Who Are Those Folks Rubbing You the Right Way?

  • The folks who specialize in giving you relief from pain, tension and anxiety are more than likely entering the profession as a second career. Almost 86% are women according to statistics and they are more than likely to be sole practitioners.
  • These are an innovative bunch of professionals who work in a variety of different settings. Some practice their profession in a healthcare setting while others have their own private office. An athletic facility is another one of the spots where you might find a massage therapist or even in a variety of chains or franchises.
  • If you’re getting excited about the possibility of being a massage therapist in Albuquerque, you’ll need to take into account last year’s research doesn’t point to a possible home in Malibu or new yacht in your immediate future. In 2015, the average income for a massage therapist was $24,000 a year.

massagetherapyNow that you have a good idea who these practitioners are, here’s a few words on the kinds of people that you might be sitting beside in the waiting room at your local massage therapy office. Half of the folks who get a massage are doing so for health concerns according to recent research, but of course there are a number of other interested parties who line up at their local clinic.

In fact, the recent numbers tell us that 80% of consumers surveyed in 2015, think massage therapy should be a part of an overall health care package and included as such.

When The Therapist Needs A Massage

Although you might not think about it when you’re lying down and getting one of the deep tissue massages we offer here, there are aches and pains that a massage therapist can suffer from after years on the job. Some of the injuries we can be subjected to read like a shopping list from other professions with repetitive motions. They include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome issues. This is characterized by numbness and pain over a period of time and it’s one of the common ailments massage therapists treat their clients for. Years of working in the field can create a strain on the muscles of the forearm and wrist itself.
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis is another one of those ailments that both folks in the therapist’s office can suffer from. This is all about the tendons and muscles around the shoulder joint and how they can become inflamed.

There are a variety of other occupational hazards in the profession and some of the bigger organizations that deal in massage therapy even tell people to calculate the risk before they jump in to a career.

Physical Trapdoors

In fact, repetition, posture and mechanical stress are just three of the factors that any person who is looking for a profession in massage therapy needs to take into account. The problem with these risk factors and the physical ailments they can produce is they are quite often gradual but can become debilitating in the end.

Still, there are a few things a massage therapist can do to be proactive to avoid many of these physical trapdoors.

Over Hills

One of the first things that any massage therapist wants to look at is technique and professionals in the industry stand behind what’s called an uphill stroke. There are a few other helpful hints here about using different parts of your body like a forearm and how you should keep your fingers and wrist relaxed to avoid injury.

Lining Up Those Feet

Just as every part of a patient’s body is important to the massage therapist, so is the stance they use while they are helping to alleviate your pain and discomfort. The best practice here is feet shoulder width apart and one leg forward and the other back. It’s important to align your body with the direction of the stroke that you are using.

The Right Table

Just like in every other profession, using the right equipment when you’re a massage therapist is an important part of keeping your patients and yourself healthy. Experts in the field are very clear that the higher the table, the less chance there will be for lower back problems down the road. It stands to reason that a lower table will force one of these professionals to have to bend over more and cause stress and strain. As a rule of thumb, it is suggested that anyone breaking into the profession should use a table that is approximately half their own height.

Massage and The Elderly

oilThere are some great advantages to getting a good massage when you’re in those Golden Years. In fact, studies have shown there are numerous physical and mental benefits and some of the techniques that are used for the older crowd are different than the ones implemented for the younger set.

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is one of the larger organizations that stands behind massage therapy for older people. They state it works as a remedy for age-related illnesses and even as an alternative to other types of treatment.

Massage therapy for the elderly involves targeting specific joints with gentle motions. Various studies point to the fact that because this gentler form of touching specific points relaxes Alzheimer’s patients, it also promotes communication. Stretching is another important aspect that needs to be incorporated.

Here, just enough pressure needs to be placed on soft muscles, joints and tissues to be safe for older folks but still effective at the same time.

Osteoarthritis, The Elderly and Massage

There have been many studies done on the effects of massage therapy on osteoarthritis. Professionals have long known about the beneficial effects of massage therapy and arthritis pain and how specific kinds of kneading on pressure points can help to relieve the stiffness associated with this disease that affects millions of Americans.

Moderate pressure is one of the keys here. The type of massage therapy that might be appropriate for a younger athlete shouldn’t be used on an older person who is looking for some relief from arthritis. Managing the pain and stiffness of arthritis works hand-in-hand with the daily routine of massage therapy that releases pleasure-inducing chemicals inside the brain like serotonin.

Here are just a few of the other benefits of massage therapy for seniors and in fact everyone else.

  • Regular visits to your local therapist have been known to reduce feelings of anxiety and even depression in many people. The corporate chair massage program offered here at Versatile Vitality is great as a remedy to high stress job environments for employees and managers who are overworked and undervalued.
  • Massage therapy in Albuquerque actually improves sleep quality over time. Many senior citizens and others have trouble getting a good night’s sleep and the relaxing benefits of anything from our inventory of massages can help them to calm down when bedtime comes.
  • Massage therapy also increases flexibility. One of the offshoots of any kind of arthritis is a stiffness in joints and this can be combated with the right kind of massage routine. Remember Versatile Vitality even offers a mobile massage so we can bring all these healing benefits right to your front door. This can be a preferred service for seniors sidelined by an arthritic flare-up.
  • Massage helps everyone to get into sync with the rhythms of their body. If you are looking for some type of therapy that has a long history behind it, Thai massage goes back thousands of years and has undergone many transformations in that time. This type of massage implements various techniques including gentle rocking and even assisted stretches.

Massages from Around the World

It’s generally no surprise to most people that massage has originated from other parts of the world and spread to North America. In fact, if you’re planning on traveling, and many retired people love to do just that, here’s a rundown of a few of the places where you can get an excellent and unique treatment.

East Africa

Considering that there is a belief the human race actually originated in Africa, finding out that there is an excellent massage technique that originates there fits into most people’s worldview of the region. The Rungu Massage originated in East Africa and has made his way to South Africa as it migrates. One of the most interesting things with this form of massage is the fact that it uses a Rungu stick to gently probe deep into the muscles. As well as giving people a good sense of relaxation, this particular type of massage also improves blood circulation. It’s very common in South Africa so if you’re traveling in that country be sure to try it.

The Turkish Bath

Many people are familiar with at least the idea of a Turkish bath but most don’t know that you can actually get a massage inside one at the same time. This is just more proof that getting a good massage is an international custom that goes back thousands of years and is enjoyed by billions of people all across the globe.

Cemberlitas Hamami is one of the more celebrated spas in Turkey that dates all the way back to 1453, when the Ottomans took an active role in building these kinds of bathhouses in Turkey’s then capitol city, Constantinople. If you’re looking for a massage in a historical setting, this is one of the places where you’ll find that sense of old world tradition and charm.

Don’t expect to just lay down on a table and get a massage when you’re in Turkey. There’s a whole process to getting the right kind of treatment done including wrapping yourself in one of the traditional garments, heating your body up in a traditional sauna and having an attendant wash you before you receive the massage.

Ayurveda head massage

Some of the massages described here you’ll need to travel for, but they will be well worth it when and if you decide to. This particular entry stems from a history that goes back 5000 years in a country that has a rich history of self-healing techniques.

Practitioners use several different kinds of oil here and the tips of their fingers around the top of your scalp and down the sides of the temples. The shoulders and hands are not left out in this type of massage that dates back to ancient times in India.

Finally, we will bet you didn’t know that the hot stone massage has roots that go all the way back to the Hopi Nation right here in America. Researchers have found that temperature is one of the cornerstones for early massages on our continent and date back hundreds of years with Native Americans.

If you take a few moments to look through what I offer here at Versatile Vitality, you’ll see that you can trace back the origins of the types of massage I have to some very ancient roots. Why not get in touch with me today so we can start reducing your stress together and set you on a path of increased and enhanced awareness?

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