Corporate Chair Yoga

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Massage treatment can extend well beyond a personal escape and treatment. At Versatile Vitality, we have recently begun providing a corporate chair massage program. We come to your worksite and provide sessions for your employees. These shorter sessions do not require any undressing, instead delivering efficient results that help improve both your employees’ wellbeing and their morale. Over time, scheduling regular chair massage days can give your team something to look forward to while improving their health and adding stability at your office.



Benefits for Your Employees

Ergonomics research in the workplace for the last twenty years has focused on ways to improve the work lives of employees in offices. Some of the recommendations that emerge consistently include giving employees opportunities to move around and stretch more, and to find ways to break up the routines over the course of the day. In doing so, your team members improve flexibility and blood circulation. These things all contribute to reduced physical and mental stress. They are fresher and stronger, and feel better about themselves and their work environment.

Our corporate chair massage program can help you create these benefits and more for your employees. If your team works in an office environment, sitting in place over the course of an eight-hour work day—or sometimes even longer—leads to poor posture, poor circulation, and repetitive stress injuries. When employees take chair massage sessions, we help them stretch their muscles and improve blood flow through their bodies. Not only that, but we get them away from their desks and provide a mental respite from their work day, allowing them to return refreshed and centered.




Benefits for Your Company

All of these benefits for your workers help them feel better, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the process, They become happier, healthier, and more effective in their work lives. You will quickly find that your workforce endures fewer sick days and lower turnover. Their focus during the day will be better, leading to fewer mistakes and more progress from day to day.

In addition, a regular chair massage program gives your team something to look forward to at work. Too often, the routine of employment can wear people down. Days blend together, and the week seems to move at a glacial pace. Just like traveling long distances becomes easier when you landmarks or other points to break up the trip, so adding in breaks from the norm can improve the way your employees move through the month. That short break becomes something that encourages them, gives them a day to me moving toward.

When your employees feel better, it makes your life better as a business owner. Our chair massages improve their overall outlook on their day and their week. The result is not only a happier workforce, but a more effective team. They feel appreciated, and in turn both have more to give and are more willing to give it. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your team and improve your workplace experience.