How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

When you come to Versatile Vitality for a massage, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. We work with you before, during, and after the massage to do exactly that. We determine the best style of massage to meet your needs and expectations, and strive every day to deliver the best massage Albuquerque can provide.

While our experience and expertise help us accomplish this, what you do during, before, and after your massage can make a big difference in how well your massage meets your needs. Take some time to prepare going in, and you will feel the improvement on the day of your massage treatment and beyond.

Before Your Appointment

Before the day of your appointment, take some time to think about your needs. Are there particular times of day that you hurt, or particular areas of your body that feel sore, tight, or sensitive? This information can help us understand the relief you need, and how best to give that to you. We also want to understand whether you have had a massage before, and how you felt during and after the experience. Not every massage Albuquerque providers give will bring you relief or comfort; understanding what went wrong will help us avoid the same difficulties. On the other hand, if your prior experience went very well, we also want to know; the better we understand what your body responds to the best, the more value we can provide. Take the time to talk through what you want and need with your massage therapist.

In addition to the massage itself, you should prepare to fully embrace the experience. We understand that work obligations sometimes creep in to time you want to keep free, but the more you can clear time for before, during, and after your appointment, the more ability you have to immerse yourself in the experience. Ideally, you would have an entire day free. If that isn’t possible, though, you should have at least an hour free before the massage so you can clear your mind and start to relax going in. You should also give yourself time afterward to rest and recover. Setting your schedule and clearing your calendar makes a huge difference for you.

Finally, make sure you drink water and, if possible, stretch out before your session. Your massage treatment works best with relaxed, hydrated muscles; we loosen and relax those muscles, and help your lymphatic and circulatory systems flush toxins from your body. Water makes it all work better. In Albuquerque massage treatment requires even more water intake; our dry climate means you need to drink more to prepare your body.

During Your Appointment

Preparation helps you go in ready for a great massage session. Once you are there, your job is to relax, in the way that works best for you. Different kinds of massage affect your body in different ways; a Thai massage involves different movements than those to which your body may be accustomed, while a Swedish massage is closer to stationary. Whatever the style, though, you should be ready to undress to your comfort level, ideally after discussing this with your massage therapist. We respect your privacy, and both let you disrobe in private and leave you covered to the extent needed to maintain your comfort level.

While you are receiving treatment, you should feel free to tell us if a particular technique causes soreness or pain. Some techniques push deeper and impact you more intensely than others; if we do something that hurts, though, you should tell us so that we can adjust accordingly. Similarly, if we are working on an area that feels like it needs more work, tell your therapist. We want to bring your body the results and relief you seek, and we are happy to adjust course as we go.

Aside from guidance about your experience, you should feel free to talk or remain silent. We often play soothing music or provide relaxing scents in the room to help relax, as requested. All of this is to help you relax; you do not need to force conversation or restrain yourself from speaking, as this works against our goals for you. Whether you relax more easily through conversation or silence differs from person to person; we want what works best for you.

Every person who comes to us is unique. We do not force you into a box of standard massage Albuquerque therapists expect to give everyone else. Instead we cater to your needs and strive to meet your expectations of the treatment. Some of this means knowing what you want and need coming in, but some also means helping us respond to what you feel throughout the process.

After Your Appointment

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Just as you need time before your massage to relax and clear your mind, so time afterward can help immensely in winding down and letting your body recover from the treatment. We provide more water on site, which you need to re-hydrate your muscles and skin. Sometimes a massage therapy session can be intense, and water helps your body bounce back more quickly. Taking some time to rest after your session also helps, both physically and mentally. Rushing to check your work email or phone messages may be a matter of instinct to you at this point in your career, but it can take you back quickly to a place of stress that reduces the benefit your massage should be providing for you.

In the best case scenario, you would have the rest of the day to relax, re-hydrate, and let the experience continue. Even if that is not possible for you, some extra time can make all the difference. Plan to talk to your therapist afterward, going over what went well and what you might like to do differently next time. When you make a follow-up appointment, we will incorporate those notes to help make your long term treatment plan even more effective.

When you make plans to get a massage, Albuquerque has many options available. We want to work with you to be not only your preferred massage therapy choice, but to deliver the best massage Albuquerque or anyplace else can offer. Contact us today to start on your path to relief.

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