Five Physiological Ways Massage Can Improve Your Life

When you decide to get a massage, you likely do so because you want to feel better. Massage does help accomplish this—not through magic or metaphysics, but by working directly with your body to produce results that help you. The different systems in your body work together every day to allow you to breathe, stand, move, think, and live. When one aspect of that falters, it cannot help but impact other areas as well. This is why we build your Albuquerque Massage experience around a holistic approach to your body. We take care of you and help give you a lift to carry you through the rest of your day and beyond.

1. Your Muscles

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Perhaps the most direct and obvious impact your massage therapy provides lies with your muscular system. Muscles operate to move every part of your body. But over time, your muscles get tired and sore. They tighten and knot, creating discomfort and pain. If you ignore it, it only becomes worse over time. You have difficulty focusing on work or family.

Your massage therapist treats your muscles through expert manipulation. We discuss with you the sources of your discomfort and we work to identify and treat that source, including related and complementary muscles that contribute or are also affected by the primary pain. The process loosens and strengthens your muscles, and leaves you better able to move through your day.

2. Your Circulatory System

Massage helps much more than just your muscles. Your heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries push blood through your body—and with it, the oxygen your body needs and the carbon dioxide it must expel. Every function of your body relies on blood flow to make it operate. If your blood vessels contract or get clogged, your heart has to work harder to push blood through. This creates physical stress on your body that impacts all areas of your life.

Massage helps increase blood flow in your body. The pressure and movement stimulates your circulatory system, allowing blood to move more freely. This serves simultaneously as a cause and an effect of the relaxation massage therapy provides. The setting and the treatment allow you to relax, which lowers blood pressure and increases the efficiency of your heart and your blood circulation. In turn, the freer flow of blood through your body also helps relax you more. The result is a powerful physiological effect that greatly improves your overall wellbeing.

3. Your Skin

Massage can also improve the overall health of your skin. Part of this lies in the improved circulation that massage provides, a necessary component to healthy skin. Further, your skin can dry out over time; massage treatment helps bring moisture to the surface to counteract and prevent that. Finally, massage helps activate the nerve endings in your skin. Often these nerves start to falter with age, reducing the sensitivity your skin is meant to have. Massage restores these functions and leaves your skin better able to respond to the environment around you. Over time, with regular treatment, your skin will be smoother, more flexible, and healthier.

When you come to us for your Albuquerque massage needs, we do need to know about skin conditions you may experience. Some conditions like rosacea can be aggravated by particular massage techniques, especially on your face. We take care of you in both the treatment we provide and the techniques we refrain from providing. In the end, your skin will feel better—and you will feel better in your own skin.

4. Your Lymphatic System

Many discussions of the benefits of massage therapy talk about the removal of toxins from your body. To some, this sounds like pseudoscience made up to make people think they are getting something from treatment. In reality, though, your body manages this process through the lymphatic system. Your entire body contains lymphatic vessels that carry fluids with white blood cells to lymph nodes that filter the fluid. All of this operates to help your body clean itself and fight diseases.

Massage therapy helps open and clear your lymphatic system, allowing it to operate more efficiently. Lymphatic vessels can get clogged and slow down. The result is a body that cannot fight off infections as well as it should, and cannot flush waste and toxins out effectively. Your Albuquerque massage therapy sessions open up and clear these vessels. Fluids flow through your body more freely and keep you healthier over time.

5. Your Mind

The brain serves as the command center for your entire body. Every movement of your body, whether intentional or involuntary, begins with an electrical impulse from the brain. When you feel, when you think, when you dream, or when you act, the brain makes it happen. While we remain far from understanding all of the inner workings of your mind, we do understand many important things. Your brain requires blood and oxygen to operate well. It also responds to stress in your body and in your life. The physical, mental, and emotional worlds all come together in this remarkable organ.

Massage Therapy improves your brain function on many levels. On the most basic physical level, it helps open the passages to give your brain the fuel and fluids it needs. In addition, the relief of stress on the other parts directly reduces the stress you feel in your mind. When you have less physical discomfort on which to focus, it opens your mind up to think more freely and better enjoy positive experiences that your life provides.

Serving Your Albuquerque Massage Needs

Versatile Vitality is here to help you feel better. Here, your Albuquerque massage experience helps you feel better throughout your body. We have experience and training that guides us as we work with all of your major body functions. It works as a holistic approach to your wellbeing, helping everything both work and feel better. Contact us today, and we will get you started on the road to a better, happier, and healthier you.

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