Feeling Good in Your Yoga Apparel

Feeling Comfortable in Your Yoga Apparel

For many women, Yoga presents one of the best ways to relax both mind and body. It provides an opportunity to focus inward, to bring yourself into a state of peace in the middle of your hectic life. Thinking about your clothing may be the last thing you want to do when approaching this life-affirming practice.

On the other hand, some women are learning to approach yoga wear not from a perspective of worrying what to wear for others, but rather to take the opportunity to make an affirmative statement about who they are and how they choose to present themselves. When you stop dressing for others and dress instead for yourself, your yoga apparel can become an extension of the beauty you find in yoga itself.


Why We Do Yoga

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Yoga, at its core, functions best when you perform it with an inward focus. You stretch your body and lengthen your limbs and muscles, all with an eye toward self-improvement. You may perform strenuous moves while doing so, but the strain involved comes from a place of peace and relaxation. You strive always to bring your mind and your body into harmony. Ideally, the world around you slips away. Your entire existence during a session becomes the movement and the exercise, and the sense of peace you achieve when you let go.

With this in mind, the last thing you should worry about during a session is the clothing you are wearing. Stressing out about how your apparel fits, or how it looks to others around you, pushes you in the opposite direction from where you want to be. You lose focus during your routine, and fail to achieve the maximum benefits that should be there for you to reach.

This can be a real problem because you already have too many worries distracting you. Work, family, finances, and the world around us build stress over time. All of this knots your muscles, clouds your mind, and takes your focus in myriad directions that war constantly against each other. You perform yoga to release all of this and find a singular, inner focus. You work your body to free your mind, and you free your mind to relax your body. The cycle can break down in far too many ways. So why, then, should you be thinking about clothing at all?


Why Clothing Matters

Actively thinking about and shopping for the right clothing may seem counterintuitive. In truth, though, finding clothing that makes you feel good frees you to move past self-consciousness and move your mind to where it should be. You want to be comfortable from the moment you arrive, through your warm-ups, and through your routine without what you wear ever creating distractions.

Part of reaching this point is finding the right fit. You cannot relax if your clothes don’t feel right on your body. You need to wear something that allows you to move freely, something that stretches with you and lets your body breathe. Some movements you pursue in yoga require extraordinary flexibility and concentration, and you need to be able to wear something that feels good.

Beyond this, though, style can create impediments for you. Too often, women choose clothing on the basis of what they think works for other people. Will I look good in that color or pattern? Should I wear something plain so I don’t stand out too much? As soon as you are thinking for others, you move away from the inward focus that is the key to achieving the results you want from yoga.

Instead of thinking outwardly, you can choose yoga clothing that makes a statement about you, for you. What you wear always says something about you, whether you intend it or not. This is true whether you dress in black and grey or choose bright colors. To assist your inward focus, think about who you want to be, to and for yourself. Every woman has something unique to say, a personal story different from anyone else’s. You can choose to tell your story, not for other people, but for yourself.


How Altar Ego Helps

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Altar Ego Apparel believes that every woman hold beauty that she expresses both from within and from without. Women are gifted with both strength and compassion; they have a power within themselves greater than most of us know. Your yoga apparel should not hide that. This clothing line gives you an opportunity to find bold ways to express yourself, to show the world that strength and beauty in ways you may not have thought of.

The point of this is never to show off. Rather, it is to find and select clothing that you feel reflects you, whoever the you is that you choose to be. When you let go of the stress of showing something to someone else, you can free yourself to simply be yourself. This freedom gives you power, and creates a lightness that allows you to move more easily, to stretch further and reach higher, and to reach the peace you seek during a yoga session.


Altar Ego and Versatile Vitality

Versatile Vitality serves as a brand ambassador for Altar Ego Apparel because we believe in the message it sends. Women are beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. Too many women fight their natural beauty, trying to shrink away or leap out to please others. They fail to see what makes them special, and they bring anxiety into their lives that they do not need. In fact, that anxiety actively harms them by keeping them from letting go and finding the peace they need and so richly deserve.

When you find yoga apparel that makes you happy, that expresses your inner self freely, it gives you an emotional lift. For just a little while, you are simply yourself, expressed in a way that frees you to achieve all the benefits yoga can provide. Give yourself that gift, and your yoga will lift you to a higher place.


Versatile Vitality offers various yoga classes. We are also partnered with Altar Ego Apparel and can direct you to some great looking and comfortable yoga apparel. Give Versatile Vitality a call today, and let us help you find the best you (303) 668-9267.

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