Consider Reflexology Therapy

Why You Should Consider Reflexology Therapy

When you think of massage, the image in your mind probably involves lying down on a table and having a therapist work out your muscle tension. This certainly represents an important type of massage, but here at Versatile Vitality, we provide many other kinds of treatment. Reflexology therapy, for example, provides tremendous health and relaxation benefits to our clients. We would like you to consider reflexology therapy.

Reflexology Therapy

At its core, reflexology involves application of gentle pressure to specific areas of the feet, hands, lower legs, face, and ears. These pressure points correspond to different areas of the body, so you will feel positive results all over. This can help because even clients who may not be comfortable with a traditional full-body massage can receive treatment that leaves them feeling great. This form of therapy has been practiced for millennia and studied intensely for decades, and every day benefits of the treatment are discovered or confirmed.

History of Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Therapy is not new. In fact, the procedure is depicted in hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt, and has a long history in China as well. It really gained ground in the early 1900s, though, first with the rise of Zone Theory, focusing on specific areas of the hands and feet, and soon after evolving into reflexology, which more scientifically connects other areas of the body to the pressure points. The entire central nervous system, in fact, is connected, so identifying and stimulating the correct spots can send physical and psychological effects throughout your body.
Studies and experiments found that not only did the procedure help people feel better overall, but that people suffering from various illnesses, many of which were not improved with medicine or other common treatments, started to feel better after undergoing reflexology treatments. Studies continue to be conducted all over the world, with benefits being discovered and confirmed almost every day.

How Reflexology Benefits Your Body

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Reflexology works because it stimulates nerve endings and improves blood flow through the body. It also hits particular triggers that push that stimulation through other organs and areas of the body, so the benefits achieved go far beyond the hands and feet. Tension can be reduced everywhere by stimulating the correct points on the hands, feet, and face, so as your therapist works, you feel immediately more relaxed throughout your body. As blood flow increases, tension dissipates, so you can feel reduced anxiety and find relief from back pain, headaches, and migraines.

In addition, reflexology therapy has been shown to improve many other health conditions. Increased circulation helps improve digestive health, including bladder conditions and irritable bowel syndrome. It can provide some relieve from menopausal symptoms and period pain as well.

Those suffering from serious illnesses can find relief. Studies have shown, for example, that the improved circulation and nerve stimulation that reflexology provides can help Type 2 diabetics with symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, bringing improved feeling and decreased pain in the extremities. And cancer patients have similarly achieved reduced pain and discomfort through treatment.

Best of all, these health benefits come with a gentle application of pressure. While not everyone is a good candidate, the procedure can be used on infants, the elderly, and anyone in between. And because it focuses attention to the hands, feet, and face, even those uncomfortable with undressing for a full-body massage can enjoy the benefits without the anxiety of that experience.

Reflexology therapy is not a cure-all treatment, of course, and should not be considered a substitute for working with a physician. Even so, as a complement to medical care, many of our clients have found that after each session, they experience less discomfort and a much greater sense of overall health and wellbeing.

Reflexology on the Go

Finally, at Versatile Vitality, we understand that you may not be able to make it to a massage studio for the treatment. As we do with our other forms of massage therapy, we will come to where you are, whether it is your office, your home, or somewhere in between. Part of the stress that builds up over time comes from trying to fit everything in at the right time. The massage experience should never be something that adds to your load of stress, and we work to make sure your therapy fits into your life, rather than making you fit your life in around your massage appointment.

When you are traveling, or just in the middle of a busy work week, Versatile Vitality is there for you. Reflexology therapy in particular creates a convenient way to step out of the bustle of your day and into a relaxing, soothing experience. Your entire body will feel better, and in thirty to sixty minutes, your blood will be flowing, your mind will be clearer, and you will be ready to step back into the world as a new person.


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