Versatile Vitality—Proper Hydration for Massage and Beyond

Most people do not drink enough water. This is true everywhere, but becomes more of an issue in dry climates like most of New Mexico experiences. Your body relies on water to work efficiently, and to recover quickly from exercise and sickness. Over time, drinking more water will help you feel stronger and healthier.

As it turns out, water is also critical to your massage experience. Both before and after you receive a massage, you need to make sure you drink plenty of water, first to help prepare your body and then to help it recover. All of this will help ensure your Albuquerque massage experience is the best it can be.

Hydration Makes You Feel Better

Water isn’t just a jolt you need before your Albuquerque massage. Hydrating your body properly will improve how you feel every day. People who do not drink enough water often feel more tired and less energetic than people who do. Dehydration does more than make you thirsty; it weakens your body’s ability to cool itself and to flush toxins out of your system. It leaves you more physically and mentally tired, and reduces your ability to focus on what you need to do. Your body aches and your attention flags.

On average, people need eight to ten glasses of water per day. You should treat that as a guideline, but you may need to drink more. The dry air in the Albuquerque area is generally good for your body, but may require you to drink more water than people in other areas need. Bigger people and more active people usually need more water as well to keep up with the demands of their bodies.

Also, remember that drinks with caffeine, sugar, or alcohol actually dehydrate you, so that morning cup of coffee doesn’t count toward your water intake goals. This is one of the reasons a caffeine kick leads some people to crash later. You need to keep your water levels up to keep feeling good through the day. You don’t have to fully avoid other kinds of drinks, but remember that nothing replaces the water your body needs.

Water Improves Your Massage Effectiveness

When you have a massage, and especially a massage in Albuquerque, you need to add a little more water than you would otherwise take in. Start with taking in extra water before your massage. One of the benefits of massage is to help your body release toxins that are in your system. You already need water to flush them from your body; when you receive a massage, you need more to balance out the additional help your body is getting.

Beyond this, though, when you have a fully hydrated body, your skin is more supple and your muscles are more pliable. One way to understand why this is true is to think of working with Play-Dough as a child. When the Play-Dough was fresh and moist, you could work with it freely: you squeezed and shaped it to your heart’s content. Once it dried out, though, it became harder and less flexible. Your muscles, though they function differently, have a similar response. Properly hydrated muscles are fuller and more flexible. Your massage therapist can work into them more freely, and with less discomfort for you.

Similarly, your skin will be more flexible and respond better. When you drink enough water, you are more prepared for an Albuquerque massage experience. You are less likely to feel sore or bruised after a massage. Your whole body is ready to work with the process, to help your therapist work stress and soreness and toxins out of your body. You will feel better throughout your treatment.

After Your Massage

Versatile Vitality—Proper Hydration for Massage and Beyond

When you finish your massage, you need to increase your water levels again. Massage therapy jump-starts your body’s natural drainage, flushing more of the toxins from your body than it normally does. It does so through your circulatory and lymphatic system, both of which rely on water to work properly and efficiently. As a result, during your Albuquerque massage, you use more water than you would in your usual routine, and you need to replenish accordingly.
When you rehydrate, you want to be careful not to try to drink too much all at once. Drinking one or two glasses of water after your massage will help you bounce back quickly, but drinking several glasses at once can leave you feeling bloated or ill. Take your time, and continue to drink water spaced out over the course of the day, and you will feel better for it.

Helping You Take Care of Yourself

When you come to Versatile Vitality, we are looking for more than to help you feel better in the moment. We offer many different styles of massage and yoga, and each one impacts your body and your mind in different ways. We will sit down with you to talk through what treatment will work the best for you, and what kind of response you should expect from your body. No matter what kind of treatment you receive, though, getting the right amount of water into your body is essential.

For many people, a massage provides an escape from the stress of the world. Work and family, even if you love the time you spend with each, take their toll on you over time. Regular massage therapy can help with that, and we relish the opportunity to help with all of your Albuquerque massage therapy needs. But we want to help you achieve the best mental and physical health levels you can reach, and that means more than just the regular sessions we provide for you. Your water needs continue every day; you need to hydrate on the day of the massage, and we will encourage you to do so, but you need to keep doing so over time. A fully-hydrated body makes your Albuquerque massage therapy and the rest of your life better—something we always work to help you achieve!

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