Aerial Yoga

Get Into The Swing Of Aerial Yoga - Another new way to lift your body, mind and soul from Versatile Vitality

Here at Versatile Vitality, it is always our priority to make sure we offer you a variety of ways to a healthy happy lifestyle that includes the body, mind and soul. We consider ourselves as providing the ultimate in Albuquerque mobile massage and massage therapy and yoga techniques. One quick look at our website and you’ll see right away that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to innovation.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the kick-off of our Aerial Yoga in Albuquerque services as the latest yoga options that further my company’s goal of providing you with a stress-free and relaxing experience that will better your perspectives and lifestyle.

This latest addition to our menu of fine yoga choices that includes Ashtanga Yoga and the ultimately enlightening Yoga nidra offerings adds an aerial hammock. These hammocks are just the right addition when you’re looking for new spatial awareness, to experience a wonderous sensation of weightlessness and for a decompression of the joints unequalled by other forms of yoga.


Perhaps best of all, anyone can take advantage of a variety of Aerial Yoga techniques that allow you access to poses that are difficult when you are restricted by traditional yoga mats. Of course, I’ll be bringing all my expertise and years of experience to my Albuquerque Aerial Yoga discipline. When you sign up for this great new exciting way to get in touch with your body, mind and soul, you’ll still be getting all the great attributes you expect from any and all of the services we offer here at Versatile Vitality like:

  • An increased flexibility that will enhance both your leisure and work lifestyle. With a constant effort that you’ll enjoy as time goes on, you’ll find a gradual loosening of overworked and tightened muscles and a relaxation that courses through your being once you embrace our Aerial Yoga in Albuquerque services. The longer you stick with it, the more you’ll notice that aches and pains start to disappear and with increased flexibility comes a heightened sense of awareness and peace.
  • A stronger body. The more you go through the range of motions that this new form of yoga requires, the less likely you are to suffer from degenerative arthritis and other ailments. Keep in mind too that practicing yoga is an excellent way to keep your cartilage in the best shape possible for as long as you can.
  • Boosting your blood flow is another direct benefit from getting involved with Aerial Yoga in Albuquerque. Learning the techniques that we offer in our yoga classes will actually improve the blood flow in the two critical areas of your hands and feet. If you suffer from heart or kidney problems or swelling in your feet there are a variety of poses that we can work on to increase the amount of oxygenated blood in your system.

The ABC’s of The Albuquerque Aerial Hammock

Getting used to anything that’s new is made much easier when you know the ins and outs and the hammock that’s used in Aerial Yoga is no exception. That’s why I’ve put together a few tips to make you more comfortable with the poses you’ll practice when you experience the new perspectives of Aerial Yoga for the first few times.

  1. Practising this kind of yoga will make you aware of the areas you need to work on and the present condition of your upper body strength. The warm-up is one of the most important aspects that will help you to get used to the hammock. Under our supervision, you can use it for a series of push-ups and squats to get used to the new pressures and weight differentials.
  2. It’s important that you don’t get intimidated when you first see more experienced people using the hammock. You’ll need to learn some basic moves at first to build up your confidence but in no time you’ll gain the skills that will allow you to move on to the more difficult poses. Remember we are always by your side here at Versatile Vitality, and our goal is always to help you move on to the next level. It’s also important to remember that many of the poses and moves incorporated into Aerial Yoga build off each other and you can move one small step at a time.
  3. Some things with this new type of conditioning are different than anything you’ve ever experienced and some are the same. For example, there’s really no way around some minor aches and pains at first as you get used to a new series of moves and stretches practised with your feet off the ground. However, in no time at all you’
  4. It’s important to make sure you relax so you can enjoy any of the new poses that you learn with Aerial Yoga in Albuquerque. There’s no need to rush through when you’re trying to develop a new set of skills. Taking your time to build up a strong base of new poses at your own pace will give you the lasting satisfaction you’re looking for.

Yoga in general and Aerial Yoga specifically are designed to help you with everything from blood flow to better bone health and increased immune system functionality. However, you don’t want to forget that one of the biggest benefits to practicing this ancient art is an increased sense of happiness.
Make sure to consider the fact that there have been several studies done that show yoga can even reduce headaches and certain kinds of pain and can improve the quality of life for people suffering from serious diseases like HIV and cancer.

If you’re looking for a new experience to help cleanse and strengthen your body mind and soul why not try Aerial Yoga? You can call me directly at 1(303) 668-9267 or use the contact form on the Versatile Vitality website.